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We live in strange times. Someone’s plight on the roads seems to be the least of our concern but when someone talks on TV about child marriage, alcohol abuse we seem to get so moved that we cannot stop ourselves from praising the show and spreading the word.
This is no insult to the show, Satyamev Jayate it is just an article that tries to explore whether the show is truly hollow?
The only thing that comes even close to my liking on Satyamev Jayate is that the show is well researched and tries spreading awareness. Aamir Khan tries to bring social problems plaguing the country to the front through primetime television. In this show the audience is “supposedly” enlightened with news that they “supposedly” did not know about.
I find this show pretty crass and vile, here are a few reasons why:
1. 3.5 Crores, that’s a buttload of money. That is the amount of money being paid to Aamir Khan for doing one episode. Hmmm so much for Social Service eh?
2. When I look at the show, it seems really fake. Now I will be talking of only 2-3 topics that have been brought up on this show. Let us take the first topic “female infanticide”. Now I do not know about all of you but I definitely knew of this problem for a long time, there is nothing new that he ever brought to the table. I could see some benefit if he actually stopped someone from doing that or he even went around preaching to villages because well he is a star and who does not like stars? But all he seemed to do was get people and make them talk. Coming to this other topic that I saw, it was on ethnic marriage. Now what basically had happened was that the girl liked the boy and the boy liked the girl, but the girl’s parents did not approve. When both of them ran away and got married they threatened to kill them and the couple has been on the run since. Now this is a great way to bring such social issues to mainstream audience but I was shocked when he asked the girl, “How did you feel when you ran away from home?” How the hell is someone supposed to feel!, it was like he wanted her to cry. That all is also okay but is this questioning really required? My question is what did he achieve after talking about it on television, he showed that the law was there but it was not really effective. My point being that he actually did not really improve the condition of the lives of that couple because the thinking of the parents is unchanged. What I find is that the show appears to be rehearsed and his dialogues scripted, well it is a TV show but there are human emotions that are being dealt with so I personally feel that the approach taken by the show is cheap.
It is easy to point out the bad qualities of anything and I understand that all the Satyamev Jayate lover’s would not like my criticism, but lets just look at a few TV shows that have actually had a much better concept. Remember Kiran Bedi ka insaaf or Sach ka Tarazu? These shows are pretty old and forgotten but they did something that Satyamev Jayate does not. They interacted with the audience on a whole new level and the audience was educated with a judicial standing. In the show Kiran Bedi ka Insaaf at least the judicial standpoint on the view was made clear and each party was allowed to present their case. They were not very great and popular shows but I am sure they definitely affected the life of quite a few.
Another show which I like is Channel V’s Gumraah. Although the show is pretty cliché and slightly overdone, what it is able to do is connect to the audience on a greater level by re-enacting already occurred events. What the show does is that it shows the audience with clever narration all the sides of the story and this tends to leave a stronger impact on the audience’s mind.
So while Satyamev Jayate looks like another hollow show which makes social problems crass, Channel V’s Gumraah has potential as it is already into its second season.



We have been blessed with emotions. Fear, hate, happiness, love and a whole lot more besides. Different ones flood into our minds day after day, even hour after hour. Some are intense, some go almost unnoticed but they all enrich our lives, hopefully helping us to be better people and helping to steer us through life’s rich tapestry. That is a nice phrase but what does it mean in practice?
The last week hasn’t been very different from any other week but as I look back I find that in the course of just seven days I have gone through a whole gambit of emotions. I am sure that is true most of the time for all of us; rarely is our passage through life ever without incidents for any length of time. In fact I sometimes marvel at how we come out sane! It helps me to understand why, even without physical work, we can feel really exhausted at the end of a day.
To be honest, when I look back to how many emotions I actually portrayed last week, I get tired just thinking about them. Love, hate, fear, sadness, frustration and helplessness. Sometimes I realize that we are not humans without this bag of emotions. We just become machines that are programmed to think logically at every step of our lives. But then God gifted us with something worth living for, a soul. Come to think of it, we are nothing without it anyway, just as lifeless as a vegetable.
Life is a very rich tapestry of emotions but at the end of it all one can wonder why we have such emotions at all. Wouldn’t it be easier if we were completely logical beings who simply felt and did what was logical and without emotion. Yes, but then we would lack God’s greatest gift to us all – a soul.


To me, the magic of life is each breath that you take,
so you can smell the beautiful flowers or enjoy a serene lake.
The magic of life is to enjoy all living creatures big and small,
and to feel a sense of awe to the wonder of it all.
Living the magic of life is to laugh, cry and smile,
and to show love and compassion at all times, not just for awhile.
Sure enough that was the magic what life provided us with. Let me ask you people out there something? Do you see much of this nowadays, without the feeling of greed, hate or contempt in someone’s mind? No one in today’s world can be trusted, says my mother. As a kid, I never really believed it as it seemed too surreal to me. I asked myself, ‘How can mother say that? How can someone survive that way?’ And I always sought for the answer…
I am 15 now; much more mature that what I was when I was 10. Believe it or not, but I am beginning to give a second thought to how much of that ‘magic of life’ is left in this world. I am aware that I am not writing to a bunch of infants so you people sitting there on the other side of this discussion are well aware of what the problems faced by a common man alone are- Corruption, poverty, scams and cheats and along with these problems, come the 7 deadly sins. I don’t see any magic in this kind of a life, do you? But I think to myself, ‘Who is it that can actually do something to recreate that lost magic? It cannot be God because I for a fact have always grown up to think of God as not God but karma.’ Ahh.. The lies in front of me and yet I fail to see it. It us of course!
For all I know and so should you, we are the future. So whatever we do now will reflect in the future of our country and ultimately the world. It may sound like a huge responsibility on such small shoulders but it is not as difficult as I make it sound. All that is required is a little patience and loads of will power and hard work. This, my friends is not a time where you think of showing your country as the best in the world. Rather this is the time when we learn from our forefathers about the beauty and purity of even the air they breathed back then and make history repeat. This is it friends, this is the beginning of the future.


Money, once beyond enough to afford life’s necessities and a sense of control over one’s life, is less predictive of happiness than other marks of happy lives. Especially in poor countries, such as India, being relatively well off does make for greater well-being. We do need food, rest, shelter, and some sense of control over our lives. But that is where we go wrong. Is it just the money or the luxuries or is it more than that.. Isn’t happiness all about peace of mind?
If personal happiness does not enduringly rise with our rising personal affluence, does a rising economic tide lift our collective happiness? Were we unhappy more than a half century ago, when we had so many fewer cars, so much less technology, small homes, and no post-it notes? If you ask your grandparents, for them their life was perfect. For us it all about being dependent of technology. Right from making toast to making chips that can be installed in brains; we have been so dependent on technology that we have forgotten to appreciate the much better things in life.
For someone to be happy they need to know that everything that has happened in their past has happened for a reason and that it has happened in order for them to become a better person. Not only does it make them a better person but it also makes them realize how good they have it or can possibly have it. Although things might be hard to deal with at the moment, people need to realize that they will be able to learn from their experiences and that they will learn to take the good from them all. You can’t live your life in fear of what can go wrong. You just need to go out and live your life to the fullest and know that you’ll be happy, even if something doesn’t go the way that you had planned it to. Happiness may come and go like the seasons but in the end, every moment that you have that is filled with happiness will be well worth the sad or unnerving ones that you have had to endure.

Why Invest?

Today I am writing about the basic motivation behind investing. I know a lot of you must be thinking why you should invest as you can live happily by just getting a MBA degree and a safe job. Well the problem with this notion of a so called “Safe Job” is that it is not safe anymore. As we all must have read that inflation is an ever increasing beast and like it or not it is not likely to go down. The cost of living has been ever increasing and at one point it will reach such a level that your salary will not be able to buy you the basic luxuries that you previously enjoyed, this is the bitter truth.
Instead of having money in the bank, it is better if we put it to good use, here is where investing comes in. There are multiple sectors for investing; we can invest in almost anything. For example a fundamental and basic investment is considered to be education. An innovative example of an investment would be buying a car. Now you would be wondering that how is car an investment, well let’s say you own a company and you travel a lot then the car would help you save time and you could use this time productively elsewhere.
Talking strictly in financial terms an investment would be buying of an asset. An asset can be defined as something that either gives you monthly income or something that grows in value over time and gives you returns.
Liabilities are the opposite of asset’s they consume resources and do not give you a monetary return. The differentiating line between assets and liabilities is thin. In the example of a car mentioned above we can very well treat the same car as a liability because it eats money in the form of petrol.
You would be now be wondering, how the car can be an asset as well as a liability. Well if the car is a Maruti 800 then it is an asset and if it is a Mercedes then it’s a liability (A Maruti serves the basic purpose of travelling fast while a Mercedes costs more money because of luxury and better brand name).
The most common sectors of investing are the following
1. Real Estate
2. Gold
3. The Stock Market
In the coming posts I will be talking about investing in the Stock Market and I will use the Indian Stock Exchanges BSE and NSE to cite examples.