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Are We Alone

Are We Alone?

Are we truly Alone?

“The large-scale homogeneity of the universe makes it very difficult to believe that the structure of the universe is determined by anything as peripheral as some complicated molecular structure on a minor planet orbiting a very average star in the outer suburbs of a fairly typical galaxy.”
– Stephen Hawking

The universe is a pretty big place with about 80 billion galaxies and 10^24 stars. Humans have lived on this earth for millennia’s. We have always thought that are we the supreme beings in this cosmic junction are we the only sentinel beings in such a vast place. If it were only us wouldn’t it be an awful waste of space? I have always, as a child been interested at the enormity of our universe I have always wondered “are we alone?” We are just mere dust fleck in this vast cosmological sea. We are just a pale blue dot, the third rock from the sun lucky enough to sustain life.

We have heard of UFO sightings and of alien abductions all our life and we discard them as hokum or fun. We have all heard of little green men coming in ships to observe or annihilate us.

There have been numerous stories about contacts with extra-terrestrial life forms ranging from aliens abducting cattles to humans themselves. The most famous UFO incident ever dates back to July 8 1947 in place called Roswell, New Mexico. On that uneventful night a huge crash was sounded in the middle of the desert on the next day a huge army encampment was found and the headlines given by Walter Haut an army official read “RAAF captures Flying Saucer”, this led to huge hysteria among people.

At that place where the crash happened a farmer, W.W. “Mack” Brazel lived who saw what had crashed and he diatribe’s them as silvery-purple objects with certain humanoid forms inside. In the next week the army took back its statement saying that there weren’t any flying saucers but it was just a weather balloon.

Well there is another connection to Roswell incident and alien conspiracy theories and it is said that and secret US military base in the middle of the Mohave desert in Las Vegas Nevada called Area 51. It is said that the three alien life forms encountered at Roswell and the debris from the spaceship was taken to this site where it is till date being studied and deciphered. The movie independence day and the TV series 7 days even are based on such dogmas itself. Outside of area 51 a warning states that violent force will be used if anyone tries to enter within the radius of the facility and photography is strictly prohibited. The US Govt. denies that area 51 is even a base of operations.

Stephen Hawking believes that if ever we encounter alien life it won’t be better for humanity. If they travel so far from outer space they won’t go without making contact. Probably a civilization which is so developed to travel hundreds of light years, it could probably have expired its resources and plans to attack earth. It might be possible such an developed civilization can even annihilate us if it found us. For them we must be like vermins infesting a planet full of resources and nature’s bounty.

Some scientist believes that we don’t have to go looking for alien life in the far reaches of the universe; we might find it in our very own solar system. Our own neighbor Mars has shown the prospect of life; it still has frozen water, scientists believe that any number of bacteria or virus can live at the depths of mars craters. Although this life might be primitive but would surely qualify as extraterrestrial contact. Films like Mars Attacks and Andromeda strain to the classic book by HG Well War of the World have depicted as mars having life and its inhabitant’s invading us. Europa one of Jupiter’s moon has a 6 foot of frozen ice layer on its’ surface but inside has flowing water and scientists believe that maybe marine life might exist there and aphotic bioluminescent bacteria might exist there.

SETI search for extra-terrestrial intelligence was started by one scientist Frank Drake in around 1960 where he pointed all his auditory satellites up to look for outer audible signals and thus began an intensive search of space for electromagnetic radiation which are the best source if aliens contact us. Project Orion started by US deals solely with SETI and listening to outer space is heard.

The Wow! signal was a strong narrowband radio signal detected by Dr. Jerry R. Ehman on August 15, 1977, while working on a SETI project at the Big Ear radio telescope of The Ohio State University. Delaware, Ohio.[1]The signal bore expected hallmarks of potential non-terrestrial and non-solar system origin. It lasted for the full 72-second duration that Big Ear observed it, but has not been detected again. The signal has been the subject of significant media attention. Scientists believe that WOW signal was of alien origin probably sent by an intelligent life form. . Only about 15% of the know space is known to us.

There is a famous quote from X – Files which I love that is “The truth is out there” these lines have a profound meaning just as CIA agent Fox Mulder passionately keeps on trying to find clues to extraterrestrial life forms in the same way humanity must itself keep on striving to find our cousins light years far away from here. And maybe then we could answer one of the question that haunts humanity from time immemorial and that “why are we here? And what is our purpose?”

By Ali Akbar
(A Minerva-M Writer)
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A million years later…

A million years ago or so,

when I first awoke,

For life on earth, I gladly saw,

a tiny glimpse of hope.


Long before I knew it myself,

Destiny smiled at me.

She blew life into every bud,

to every root and tree.


I watched it with a bated breath,

and I watched with mounting wonder;

As my new–born rival – the implacable rain,

arrived with servile thunder.


The naughty little ocean there,

deepest of deep blue;

Dancing with the rising tide,

its waves it caught and threw.


Casting them an angry look,

I threatened to disappear.

So then the day turned into night,

and their mirth, into fear.


Soon the plants turned into trees,

at a quickening pace.

The syrupy chirps of birds on them,

awaited my first rays.


The blossoms tempted everyone

from butterfly to bee;

The creepers held each others’ hands

with unfathomable glee.


But million years later it was time,

to see Time’s ugly face.

Nature’s destroyers had been born –

‘The Callous Human Race’.


The blue oceans, once full of zest,

are now pallid and tired.

The twining twigs are replaced by

black cables and thick wires.


Where my trees once soared to me,

now stand buildings in bliss.

But O shallow mankind, do you find

that innocence in their kiss?


O you ruthless heartless people,

Let the remaining sway!

They are my children, I nurtured them;

I cannot let them fade away.


– Divya. Ganapathy

(A Minerva M writer)

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The Change We Can Make

Whenever man was given a choice, any choice he always put himself above everyone and everything else. Because of this we are in the current state of perpetual mess and chaos. About 250 years ago, we took our first step in this path through the Industrial Revolution. Who know the revolution that started in the UK in the 1750’s would change everyone’s lives in this manner. The growth and progression of industries that was brought about was greatly beneficial to us then but is one of the primary concerns for the environment now. The uninhibited and exponential growth that started then has not slowed down yet.
A lot of us feel that this growth is good, it is important to have these industries. Well growth is good and the industries are helpful too but everything has a cost and the price we are paying to have these polluting factories run is not worth it. Let me first tell you about some statistics, since the 1900’s the 3 P’s: Population, Pollution and production have followed an exponential increase curve, not willing to lose their pace. What has ended up happening is that we are riding on an overinflated balloon which can burst anytime. The production rate of our industries directly depends on the availability of natural resources. Some of the facts that we must know:

1. Some Scientists believe that we have already crossed the point of no return. This means that unless we take extreme actions our environment will be degraded beyond help. Unless in the next couple of years we are able to drastically reduce our polluting habits and our carbon footprint, we are just going to end up creating a toxic earth to live on ( Yeah we are doomed!).
2. All the estimates that say coal reserves are going to last quite some time are wrong! Let me give you an example: It is said that the Indian Coal reserves will last for another 200 years or so, but this estimation was done taking into account a linear growth of population which we haven’t had for the past 150 years. With our current growth rate we will be lucky if it lasts us for another 50 years.
3. Nuclear power is NOT our immediate future. For a nuclear power plant to be set up first land rights, construction rights and clearances need to be obtained. This takes around 3-5 years. The average gestation period for a nuclear power plant is somewhere between 10-12 years. China recently commissioned 4 nuclear power plants and they hope to complete them in 7 years. Imagine how long it would take the rest of the world.
We have made a lifetime worth of mistakes when it comes to the environment. But now is the time to clean up our act. Now is the time to realize what the environment means to us. Now is the time to repay the debt that we owe to Mother Earth and Humanity.