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Great Expectations

I come home after an extra hour of cricket,

Panting and dead tired;

And stand outside our shanty kitchen,

Waiting to be fired!

“So here you are, you reckless git!”

My mother would hotly say.

And unfailingly fetch my books,

Be it night or day.

She would solemnly stare at the book,

While I recited verse after verse;

With a hug here, a kiss there,

And a scolding, to intersperse.

Then question after question would come,

Like bullets from a gun;

And a few hours would blissfully pass,

Until I was done.

When my books and I were finally spared,

She would grab her cloak and purse;

And rush to the neighbourhood hospital,

Where she worked as a part-time nurse.

She would not eat, she would not drink,

Until she paid my fee.

“My sonny will be a doctor one day”,

She would say with divine glee…

That was all she dreamt,

That was all she prayed,

That was all she expected-

Her son should be a doctor: very wise and well-read.

And so I did become a doctor,

(a great one indeed!)

But when I showed my mother my certificate,

She shyly said –

“Sonny, I cannot read.”

Divya Ganapathy
(A Minerva M Writer)
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A million years later…

A million years ago or so,

when I first awoke,

For life on earth, I gladly saw,

a tiny glimpse of hope.


Long before I knew it myself,

Destiny smiled at me.

She blew life into every bud,

to every root and tree.


I watched it with a bated breath,

and I watched with mounting wonder;

As my new–born rival – the implacable rain,

arrived with servile thunder.


The naughty little ocean there,

deepest of deep blue;

Dancing with the rising tide,

its waves it caught and threw.


Casting them an angry look,

I threatened to disappear.

So then the day turned into night,

and their mirth, into fear.


Soon the plants turned into trees,

at a quickening pace.

The syrupy chirps of birds on them,

awaited my first rays.


The blossoms tempted everyone

from butterfly to bee;

The creepers held each others’ hands

with unfathomable glee.


But million years later it was time,

to see Time’s ugly face.

Nature’s destroyers had been born –

‘The Callous Human Race’.


The blue oceans, once full of zest,

are now pallid and tired.

The twining twigs are replaced by

black cables and thick wires.


Where my trees once soared to me,

now stand buildings in bliss.

But O shallow mankind, do you find

that innocence in their kiss?


O you ruthless heartless people,

Let the remaining sway!

They are my children, I nurtured them;

I cannot let them fade away.


– Divya. Ganapathy

(A Minerva M writer)

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The beauty of nature surpasses any other beauty in this world,
Until I saw u and then felt who apsara really is,
Till then i believed it to be a myth.. But now its a mystery..
How i ever wonder u unravel that mystery with your tender beauty with such eternity,
Everything around u is so full of energy …energy to be free
energy to fly swiftly…energy to disclose your elegance…
And the remaining energy u spread is what i try to capture to describe u…
When your hands wave over the flowers in the garden ..i fell jealous of those …
For their luck to experience that subtle and ever gentle touch of yours…
Ever wondered why there is peace and calmness around u..
Ha..its because u live over there..
How i could express my constraint of expression to such a heavenly soul
With words that are just meant to people on the earth…
Our first meeting still runs over and around my mind ,
Which make my pals think i am a dreamer…yeah am a dreamer..
I am a dreamer who lives a world full of you..
Everything living,non living seems to gain beauty when i just remember your face..
Sometimes I feel like capturing u on my artificial eyes..
Then i realized that each click on this eye depicts a unique story of peace and serenity…
How i Just wonder u were born on this holy land and enchant me with ur beauty..
I keep looking for you..waiting for a glimpse of u..waiting for the waves of words to reach me..
and waiting for them dangle me…

The Dreamer

(A Minerva M Writer)