A million years ago or so,

when I first awoke,

For life on earth, I gladly saw,

a tiny glimpse of hope.


Long before I knew it myself,

Destiny smiled at me.

She blew life into every bud,

to every root and tree.


I watched it with a bated breath,

and I watched with mounting wonder;

As my new–born rival – the implacable rain,

arrived with servile thunder.


The naughty little ocean there,

deepest of deep blue;

Dancing with the rising tide,

its waves it caught and threw.


Casting them an angry look,

I threatened to disappear.

So then the day turned into night,

and their mirth, into fear.


Soon the plants turned into trees,

at a quickening pace.

The syrupy chirps of birds on them,

awaited my first rays.


The blossoms tempted everyone

from butterfly to bee;

The creepers held each others’ hands

with unfathomable glee.


But million years later it was time,

to see Time’s ugly face.

Nature’s destroyers had been born –

‘The Callous Human Race’.


The blue oceans, once full of zest,

are now pallid and tired.

The twining twigs are replaced by

black cables and thick wires.


Where my trees once soared to me,

now stand buildings in bliss.

But O shallow mankind, do you find

that innocence in their kiss?


O you ruthless heartless people,

Let the remaining sway!

They are my children, I nurtured them;

I cannot let them fade away.


– Divya. Ganapathy

(A Minerva M writer)

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