KONY 2012

“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come”-Jason Russell (Invisible Children)

This line personally moved me. I just finished watching the small film that was made by Invisible Children and I was left dumbfounded. I was shocked that I had never come across the name Joseph Kony before. What started 8 years ago as the fight of a group of men to save the people from the terror of Joseph Kony has culminated into a worldwide movement and struggle to find and catch the world’s number 1 terrorist as of now. The International Court has ranked Joseph Kony as the top priority to be indicted for his crimes including war crimes. For all those people who did not know about Joseph Kony here is how it all started:

8 years ago Jason Russell and his friends were in Uganda, where they came across this military camp in which hundreds of kids were sleeping. One of these kids was Jacob. The situation in Uganda was such that Joseph Kony had founded his LRA (Lord Resistance Army) around 26 years back from now. He would conduct raids and attack villages and abduct children. He would then force the children to kill their parents, torture them and then later make them join his army to help his fight in the civil war. The girls were abducted and were forced to become sex slaves. The situation was so bad that the people would not live in their villages, rather than sleeping peacefully in their homes they would sleep out in the ground amongst hundreds of other people just to have a little sense of security. While talking to Jacob, Jason was moved. Jacob had reached a point in his life when he did not want to live. In his own words he said, why should he live when everyday he has to be afraid of getting abducted and killing other people. His brother was killed just a few months back. Jacob was not alone; this was the situation of a lot of kids. 30,000 children have been the target of Joseph Kony, this is not a small number. When Jason heard this he decided that he would take some action and get help, so when he flew back to the states he went to the white house to approach the government. At that time they dismissed his requests for help by stating that it was not a matter that directly concerned the United States of America. He was not satisfied, he went ahead spread the word used the internet and did all he could. He conducted talks and told people about Kony. People started to come to know about Kony, they started taking part in the change. They helped out as much as they could. People went to Uganda helped the citizens out; they started fund raising campaigns to rebuild the destroyed towns and villages. This movement reached such a point that the campaign started receiving the attention of a lot of people. Schools were built, radio communication systems to pass alerts were installed. All the time Facebook was used as a medium to propagate their message.

Once Invisible Child was able to get a huge support they went to the Congressmen again. This time their strength was the game changer. The Congressmen agreed to the threat posed by Kony and the United States Government pledged their support in the fight against Kony. Since 2010 various senators and politicians across the world have stressed the importance of catching Kony on National Television. In 2011 US Army Troops were sent to Uganda to assist the army in the search for Kony.
The problem that arose then was that Kony came to know about the manhunt. He left Uganda and is currently underground. The search for Kony continues till now. To catch him we need everyone to understand and know who Joseph Kony is.

Invisible Child has started an amazing initiative Kony 2012 where they want this year to be the year Kony is caught in. This is no easy task since there is still half the world that does not know about him. It is the job of you and me and every citizen of the world to stand up and unite against this. I urge and request each and every one of you to go view the video by Invisible Child whose link is given below:
It is up to people like you and me to change the world. Jason Russell and Invisible Child have proven it to us that we can make a difference. We owe it to humanity to make a difference.

I pledge my support to Kony 2012 do you??


Shail Vani
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PS: I do know a lot of you might already know this but this is my personal take on it and in India the awareness about this is minimal.


A new part: I read a lot of negative articles on Invisible Child and Kony 2012. There are a lot of articles going on the internet which say that the money you donate is a scam. Now when it comes to such a Big Charity there are going to be accusations. Now from what I see is that these people are fighting for a good cause. If you do not trust them then it is ok do not donate till your sure, but till then please spread the word. We cannot let Joseph Kony get away under any circumstances.Ill conclude by saying:

Invisible Child says contribute if you want to, if you dont want to its your choice they just ask you to share and spread the word. Thats all you do if you dont like Invisible Child then dont follow, them follow Joseph Kony after all thats who everyone is after.