The beauty of nature surpasses any other beauty in this world,
Until I saw u and then felt who apsara really is,
Till then i believed it to be a myth.. But now its a mystery..
How i ever wonder u unravel that mystery with your tender beauty with such eternity,
Everything around u is so full of energy …energy to be free
energy to fly swiftly…energy to disclose your elegance…
And the remaining energy u spread is what i try to capture to describe u…
When your hands wave over the flowers in the garden ..i fell jealous of those …
For their luck to experience that subtle and ever gentle touch of yours…
Ever wondered why there is peace and calmness around u..
Ha..its because u live over there..
How i could express my constraint of expression to such a heavenly soul
With words that are just meant to people on the earth…
Our first meeting still runs over and around my mind ,
Which make my pals think i am a dreamer…yeah am a dreamer..
I am a dreamer who lives a world full of you..
Everything living,non living seems to gain beauty when i just remember your face..
Sometimes I feel like capturing u on my artificial eyes..
Then i realized that each click on this eye depicts a unique story of peace and serenity…
How i Just wonder u were born on this holy land and enchant me with ur beauty..
I keep looking for you..waiting for a glimpse of u..waiting for the waves of words to reach me..
and waiting for them dangle me…

The Dreamer

(A Minerva M Writer)