Dear Reader,

I write to you with so many emotions and feelings. I write to you to share my honest thoughts and opinions. I write to declare the values and ideas I firmly believe in. I write to tell you all about my hopes, dreams, aspirations and ambitions. I write to you about our country. I hope my writing makes you think at least, if you do not agree with me. I hope these letters make you reminisce the glorious past that we had. I hope they make you consider the current scenario around us. I hope they make you long for a change. I hope they make you believe that a bright future is possible for us, the nation of a billion. I hope my letters find you well and happy.

There are about 315 million young people aged 10 to 24 years in our India, representing 30 percent of the country’s population and I am proud to be one of them. But I see so many young adults around me, angry with the ineffective system, frustrated because of the helpless feeling, upset because they are discouraged and hence, negative about the possibility of any revolution happening. The news of several scams and scandals, like Commonwealth and Adarsh, are only disheartening and disappointing. The majority of the people do not have a faith in the government or any belief in the power given to them by the constitution of India. What can motivate the youngsters, who are the future of the nation, to take an initiative? The youth of our country is actually bubbling with great enthusiasm, innovative ideas and the burning desire to become an essential part of the change. They want to become top businessmen and entrepreneurs and rule the corporate world . They want to excel and become the champions in all sports. They dream of becoming stars in the world cinema. They wish to write the pieces which will not only spread joy but also help them speak up about the causes they are passionate about. They hope to become global leaders and inspire everyone around the globe to contribute the best to their capacity.

Take an example of Shaybat. This 11 year old learning in the school of an NGO wants to become a doctor, because “They save lives”. And the adorable Ashwini dreams of becoming the next Kalpana Chawla, because “She saw the stars” I am sure there are many Shaybats and Ashwinis around you, determined to do what they love and love what they do. I hope you recognize the potential in them and the importance they hold as the leaders of tomorrow.

Writing these letters has given me an incredible opportunity to connect with you and I am definitely using this platform to speak up about the things which matter. They were right when they told you that the country will change only when we change ourselves. If you are not okay with something, go ahead and make it better. We always have a choice and hence, choose to be the best. By working together, achieving greatness is not impossible. The time to act is now, so tomorrow we can proudly tell our future generations:

´We didn’t start the fire

No we didn’t light it,

But we tried to fight it.´-Billy Joel

Nishiggandha Kerure.
(A Minerva M writer)
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