Whenever man was given a choice, any choice he always put himself above everyone and everything else. Because of this we are in the current state of perpetual mess and chaos. About 250 years ago, we took our first step in this path through the Industrial Revolution. Who know the revolution that started in the UK in the 1750’s would change everyone’s lives in this manner. The growth and progression of industries that was brought about was greatly beneficial to us then but is one of the primary concerns for the environment now. The uninhibited and exponential growth that started then has not slowed down yet.
A lot of us feel that this growth is good, it is important to have these industries. Well growth is good and the industries are helpful too but everything has a cost and the price we are paying to have these polluting factories run is not worth it. Let me first tell you about some statistics, since the 1900’s the 3 P’s: Population, Pollution and production have followed an exponential increase curve, not willing to lose their pace. What has ended up happening is that we are riding on an overinflated balloon which can burst anytime. The production rate of our industries directly depends on the availability of natural resources. Some of the facts that we must know:

1. Some Scientists believe that we have already crossed the point of no return. This means that unless we take extreme actions our environment will be degraded beyond help. Unless in the next couple of years we are able to drastically reduce our polluting habits and our carbon footprint, we are just going to end up creating a toxic earth to live on ( Yeah we are doomed!).
2. All the estimates that say coal reserves are going to last quite some time are wrong! Let me give you an example: It is said that the Indian Coal reserves will last for another 200 years or so, but this estimation was done taking into account a linear growth of population which we haven’t had for the past 150 years. With our current growth rate we will be lucky if it lasts us for another 50 years.
3. Nuclear power is NOT our immediate future. For a nuclear power plant to be set up first land rights, construction rights and clearances need to be obtained. This takes around 3-5 years. The average gestation period for a nuclear power plant is somewhere between 10-12 years. China recently commissioned 4 nuclear power plants and they hope to complete them in 7 years. Imagine how long it would take the rest of the world.
We have made a lifetime worth of mistakes when it comes to the environment. But now is the time to clean up our act. Now is the time to realize what the environment means to us. Now is the time to repay the debt that we owe to Mother Earth and Humanity.